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We are a brand of 100% natural and vegan cosmetics that sprouted in the middle of the Amazon rainforest to transform people's lives through biodiversity. We want to take forest assets to the daily care routine, in a correct and sustainable way, providing the best in the Amazon for Brazil and the world.
Fabricamos produtos para a pele, cabelo e corpo que cuidam de você sem esquecer de cuidar do planeta. Toda nossa linha é feita com matérias-primas naturais criteriosamente selecionadas e todos os insumos são rastreados, sem uso de aditivos químicos na composição.
We invite you to discover a natural way of taking care of yourself.

Product traceability

Simbioze, because it grows in the forest like any other plant and is part of the Amazonian biodiversity, has a commitment and respect for nature, with the labor involved in the production process and with its consumer.

We think of our production chain as a whole. We care about the traceability of the natural inputs of the product, from where they are being extracted, whether this is being done correctly and sustainably, and whether there is no adulteration in the composition. We guarantee that the workers responsible for the extraction of natural resources are respected and valued, not admitting any form of exploitation, discrimination and disrespect in our activities.


SIMBIOZE AMAZÔNICA has a line of premium quality natural cosmetics, are products with the traceability of their raw materials guaranteed and are free of chemical inputs that harm the environment and / or consumers. In addition, of course, to support and encourage the production of local communities in the generation of income through the valuation of labor.


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Be a reseller of the first brand of premium quality cosmetics from the Amazon, which has 100% natural and vegan products in its portfolio, concerned with humans and nature. Our commitment to the production process is from start to finish, from the extraction of the inputs to the disposal of the packaging.

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