From extraction to your skin

Our role is to highlight the importance of local extraction as the main link between industry and the forest. For this reason, we carried out a joint work with communities in the Amazon region, promoting the Bioeconomy factor in Amazonas.

Several activities are carried out directly with extractive communities to obtain improvements and less environmental impact, during the harvest of fruits and seeds in the forest. In 2019, a field survey was carried out at the Andiroba, Ucu-uba and Murumuru oil extraction plant, located in the Roque Community in Carauari, in order to optimize the process and the implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Program in the mini community plant.

Another essential activity is training in Waste Management, which aims to apply methodologies that reduce not only generation and elimination, but also monitoring throughout the production cycle.

In addition to the communities, we encourage work with several Associations and Cooperatives (Carauari, Lábrea, Silves, Apuí and RDS Uatumã), contributing with training in Good Manufacturing Practices-GMP and obtaining a part of the inputs, thus guaranteeing safety and quality in raw material for each cosmetic.

Our manufacturing base is located in Manaus / AM and despite being part of the Industrial Pole, we have a sustainable and traceable process, which combines the soul of the forest and traditional knowledge with science and technology. We have a commitment and respect for nature, the workforce involved in the production process and our consumer.