We are the 1st brand in the Amazon natural cosmetics segment with Halal certification.
The globally recognized certification, HALAL, attests that the production process of all our products respect and stimulate consumer ethics and culture, with the aim of taking natural and vegan cosmetics with international quality parameters. The only company in Brazil with natural and vegan cosmetics with this certification. We are a heritage of the peoples of the forest, a brand native to the Amazon region in search of establishing a new era in the cosmetics industry.
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With EuReciclo we guarantee 100% recycling of our packaging.
For n s consistency is the watchword, and one of our pillars is sustainability, so our packaging is made from recyclable materials and still contribute to the control of the allocation.EuReciclo is a seal that certifies the reverse logistics of packaging. We have a recycling plan for up to 100% of all material produced in our entire production chain. We encourage conscious consumption, because if it's good for nature, it's good for us!

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